Counterparts Bio

“Neil looking for Geddy and Alex” is how the ad in the ‘musician’s wanted’ classifieds section of a local music magazine in Nashville read. Drummer, Derek Dineen, was looking to create a true RUSH tribute act, that would be indicative of the Canadian power trio in every way. The idea was to give the audience as close to an experience of seeing RUSH as possible.

Bass player Craig Weinrib, who considers Geddy Lee one of his prominent influences responded and was thrilled to meet someone with the same vision and determination in forming a tribute project.

Guitarist, Scott Gravil, who had previously played in an Ozzy tribute act, as well as a RUSH tribute band in Cleveland (the commute from Nashville took almost 11 hours), ran into Derek one night and began talking about the band. Being that Counterparts' previous guitarist, Pete Neyra, had relocated to Florida, the band was more than ready to begin playing again after a four year hiatus.

The three musicians, dubbed Counterparts, continue to focus on their intent to pay tribute to one of the most prolific and influential bands in the modern rock era. Striving to ensure the sound indicative to RUSH, the band took pains to acquire the equipment to best reproduce the music and stage presence.

Derek, Craig and Scott, accomplished musicians with both performing and recording experience, were extra critical of every aspect of the voice, bass, guitars, keys and drums in each song selected for their repertoire. Knowing how dedicated and informed RUSH’s fan base is, Counterparts leaves nothing to the imagination.

Counterparts Is

Craig Weinrib Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, MIDI Pedals
Born and raised across the Niagara River from Canada in Buffalo, NY, Craig began playing bass guitar at 15 years old. Relocating to Clearwater, FL, while still in his teens, he quickly assimilated and ingrained himself in the local and eventually, regional music scene. Primarily a bassist, Craig is self-taught on keyboards and is a versatile vocalist. Accepting a job offer, which brought him to Nashville, TN, Craig declined several opportunities to join other bands, opting to focus on Counterparts, a role he considers his most challenging yet as a musician.
Influences:  Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, Chris Squire, Steve Harris, John Entwhistle, John Paul Jones

Derek Dineen Percussion
In his home town of Cape Cod, MA, Derek was inspired to play the drums at 14-years of age by listening to RUSH’s Neil Peart. Quickly advancing on his instrument of choice, he played in a variety of bands, from classical rock covers to progressive original acts. Derek moved to Nashville in 1994, started his own business and although he played and recorded with a select group of musicians his goal was to form the ultimate tribute to RUSH.
Influences:  Neil Peart, Simon Phillips

Scott Gravil Guitars, MIDI Pedals, Backing Vocals
Scott grew up in Louisville, KY, and began playing guitar at the young age of 9, under the mentoring of his uncle, Ruben Morris. His musical influences started with the likes of Kiss, Ted Nugent, AC/DC and Ozzy. At 13, he discovered RUSH and has been a fan ever since. More than a decade ago, Scott began the learning the music, acquiring the proper gear for the sole purpose of putting a RUSH tribute band together. Several years ago, he began driving back and forth to Cleveland, OH to play with 2112. He is now thrilled to be playing with Counterparts here in Nashville, TN.

:  Alex Lifeson, Randy Rhodes, Steve Howe, Stevie Ray Vaughn, George Lynch, Jimmy Page and Ted Nugent.