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Re: August 30, 2008 - Exit\In gig


I had contacted y’all earlier in the year to find out if you ever play outside Nashville , perhaps in Ohio .  I understood that you don’t and wanted to see your next show in Nashville .  After I rec’d the announcement for your 8/30 gig at the Exit-In, I made plans and drove down from Marietta, Ohio to catch your show.  My best friend saw you back in February and promised me I would be blown away.  Well, I gotta tell you – it was awesome.  I’m 46 years old and have been a RUSH fan for over 30 years now.  In the last year I saw RUSH in Las Vegas , Cleveland and Pittsburgh .  Knowing the skill and intricacies that are involved in just about all RUSH songs, I never really thought anyone could play good enough to sound like RUSH, much less being a tribute band.  But what a great surprise!  I could close my eyes and almost believe I was hearing the real thing.  You guys are dead-on.  I thoroughly enjoyed the performance from beginning to end.  Afterwards I felt like I have been to a real concert. 

I just wanted to tell you how great I think y’all are and I will be at your next show when it is planned. 

Take care,

Randy E.  (original Middle Tennessee native now living in OHIO )


Re: March 16, 2007 - 12th & Porter gig

I could not have been more impressed.  From the vocals, to the music, to the equipment, to the clothes (black Chuck Taylor’s rule; I of course own my own pair), to the lasers, you name it.  Never seen a more complete tribute band, and never thought anybody could sound that much like Rush.  The time, effort and expense you guys have put forth really shows and is hugely impressive.  I was floored, no kidding.  I will return to see Counterparts again for sure.

- Tom C.
  Nashville, TN


Re: April 15, 2006 - 12th & Porter gig

Pete had all the guitar sounds and tones down nicely, and when he wasn't distracted by the girl dancing in the front row his playing was just excellent ;)   There's no doubt in my mind that Pete belongs in a Rush tribute band :)

The drummer was excellent IMHO. He had a really nice kit sound with the electronic drums!  And to my ears he really got the Neil feel down, solid tempo, very smooth and precise playing.

Craig looked like grace under pressure personified :)   His bass playing was absolutely amazing.  He made a lot of the trickier bass parts look effortless. He had some really nice sounds for the keyboards.  As for the vocals, he did a great job overall but he had some moments of real brilliance during Anthem and Natural Science. Those are tough songs and he did a great job.

- Andy
  Toronto, ON


Re: April 15, 2006 - 12th & Porter gig

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Rush tribute last night at 12th and Porter.  I was so blown away by the talent of each one of you.   I myself am a singer/songwriter/fledgling musician and I can imagine how much time, energy and pure love it must take for you guys to replicate those songs with such excellence.  When I heard you all had day jobs, I felt unworthy to hold a guitar pick!  The light show was also fantastic!  I have to say it was a more powerful experience for me hearing and feeling live Rush music in a small club than it ever was in a large arena, even with the real band playing.
Thanks again for an amazing performance!

- Dina
  Nashville, TN


Re: March 5, 2005 - Exit In gig

I just wanted to email to say THANK YOU! I am a huge Rush fan and when one of my coworkers told me about a tribute band playing on Saturday, I wasn't that enthused. But, out of boredom, I drug a friend down to the Exit/In to check it out. We were blown away!

You guys did a fantastic job. The percussion, the guitar, everything was excellent. And, being a bass player myself, I could not get over your "Geddy". He was amazing! His voice, his bass work, and even his appearance were all dead on!

Again thank you from a newly dedicated fan,

 - Carol
   Nashville, TN


Re: March 5, 2005 - Exit In gig

Overall, the music and the company that I kept both during and after the show was just awesome... As promised here is a review of last evening's Counterparts experience.

Their guitar player freakin' shreds, and effortlessly performed all of Alex's parts. A bonus though for me personally was that he wasn't a statue like Alex sometimes is during a Rush concert. He was mobile and appeared to really enjoy himself on stage.

Neil? Is that you? Behind the electronic kit you couldn't help but wonder. He had the whole look down pat, to include that African hat thing Neil's been wearing lately. Through all of the lights and smoke the illusion was complete. He really did look like him. Talent wise there's no doubt that he channeled The Professor throughout the set.

Close your eyes and your hear Geddy. ”Dirk” did a great a job emulating Geddy's distinctive voice. That cannot be easy to do over a 1 1/2 to 2 hour set, but he did it so well. The Rickenbacker sounded awesome, somehow managing to walk the tightrope between overwhelming dominance and commanding the low end of an impressive wall of sound in the venue.

"They've got some balls don't they?!" That was my friend's reaction when they launched into La Villa Strangiato for the encore. Little did he know that Counterparts honors Rush like no other when it comes to this song. They blew me away with their performance.

Counterparts spared no expense when it came to production. Lasers, fog machines, back screen projection systems, T-Shirts, a CP crew complete with lanyards…they even brought along a dryer with T-Shirts inside to through out into the crowd.

If you are fortunate enough to have this true Rush tribute band roll through your town, by all means make every effort to go. (Note for RushCon event organizers: I could not have asked for a better time than what I had yesterday.)

- Rob
  Nashville, TN